Reflexology in York

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Can I Pay For My Treatments?

You can pay me by cash or cheque after receiving treatment. Unfortunately, I can't accept credit or debit cards.

What Happens If I Cancel my Appointment?

You must give me as much notice as possible if you are unable to keep your appointment. The full fee is payable for cancellations or alterations with less than 24 hours notice. Sorry about this, but I do have a busy schedule!

Do I Need To Consult My Doctor Before Receiving Treatment From You?

Yes, if you have any chronic medical condition, or a worry about your health. My treatments work on your whole body, so it's important that your Doctor is aware of what treatments you might be receiving. But, in normal circumstances, you don't need to consult your Doctor.

Why Do You Need My Medical History At The Initial Consultation?

As I answered in the previous question, my treatments work on your whole body, not just the condition about which you might be consulting me about. So it's important for me to understand your whole medical conditions. This will help both you and me. I can then provide the most effective therapy for you. Anything you decide to tell me will be in complete confidence - and I will not store this information on a computer.

How Do I Book An Appointment With You?

Use my contact page to phone or email me to make an appointment.

Do You Provide Gift Vouchers That I Can Give As A Gift To My Friends / Family?

Yes, I do. Go to my contact page and ask me for more information on how you can get a gift voucher.